Compactor Cleaning & Preventative Maintenance
We provide cleaning of stationary and self contained compactor units, including the charge box (hydraulic compartment), internal (area where trash is compacted), and the compactor pad/area.

Sonozaire Maintenance and Repair
We maintain sonozaire odor neutralizers.  We stock parts on all of our trucks to completely service and repair a sonozaire unit.  
Repairs and Reports
We can repair anything relating to compactors, balers, or sonozaires.  If a repair is not possible or feasible we will report to you what we found and you may take action from there.             
A few examples of what we can repair are:

Ground Rollers  
Nose Rollers     
Inspection Covers/Gaskets   
Hydraulic Hoses        
Hydraulic Cylinders     
Structural Damage Including (Chutes; Cans; Hinges; Turnbuckles; Hauler Damage)   
Guide Rails   
Wheel Stops    
Door Latches   
Door Seals   
Wiper Blades
Waste Equipment Cleaning         Waste Equipment Maintenance & Repairs        Waste Equipment Refurbishment
Waste Equipment
JGM Cleaning implies many techniques to prevent environmental contamination.  We follow federal, state, and local laws regarding the containment and disposal of our wash water.  We are proactive in compactor maintenance, and repair the issues that might lead to environmental issues.  We dry clean (pick-up loose trash and scrape heavily contaminated areas) to reduce the total amount of water we use per location.

  All of our trucks are equipped with the tools necessary to contain, filter, and recover our wash water.  Some of these tools include hot water pressure washers, spill berms, vacuum systems, and 400 micron filters to filter the wash water.  With the use of the hot water pressure washers and proper dry cleaning techniques we are able to achieve the same results without using any type of degreaser or chemicals in our washing process.

  Any type of oil spill on location is not pressure washed until the spill has been properly cleaned to avoid contaminating the wash water.  We use oil absorb and oil absorbent pads to remove the oil from the area.  We then bag and tag the contaminated oil absorbent materials for proper hazmat disposal.
We can transport waste compactors or cardboard balers not to exceed weight limit of 54,000lbs. We can also install or de-install the waste equipment.